Cuvier Park Family Photos | Angel + John

December 24, 2020

Cuvier Park Family Photos | Angel + John

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I am very familiar with Cuvier Park, also known as, The Wedding Bowl. It is definitely a popular La Jolla Beach wedding venue! But why stop there? I have also been using this venue for family portraits! A lot of time I do beach family portraits at Scripps Beach or Windansea Beach, but here we get that beach backdrop plus cacti, stone walls and rose gardens! That is what we used at Cuvier Park Family Photos | Angel + John.

Angel and John were super excited as this was their first family photoshoot! Irie was also super excited and gave us the cutest little smiles! We definitely had to entertain with lots of giggles and tickles to get those cute gums to show! When those smiles came through it definitely brought smiles to all of us and melted our hearts!

As I have mentioned in previous posts. When shooting family portraits that include young babies or toddlers, you definitely want to schedule your shoot around their nap schedules. A happy baby means smiles and giggles and thus great photos! Which is why we decided to shoot in the morning. It was also a good idea to shoot in the early morning as this is a very touristy spot and it’s good to avoid the crowds.

We got super lucky and didn’t have too many people present as we were shooting. It felt like the park as all ours, and on top of it, it was a Saturday morning! Thank goodness too because I am sure I looked hilarious jumping up and down and playing with Irie’s toys to get some laughs and smiles! Anything for the shot 🙂 You start to get real good at balancing and holding a heavy camera with one hand.



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