Wild Wawa Fall Kids Clothes Lifestyle Photos | F21D1

November 6, 2022

Wild Wawa Fall Kids Clothes Lifestyle Photos | F21D1

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I get the opportunity to photograph different fashion brands. They range from children to women’s to maternity. It’s fun to have such a diverse group of clients because it teaches me how to understand each brand’s identity and personality. As a San Diego branding photographer, it is important not just to know how to take a great photo, but how to take a photo that conveys the essence of the brand! In these Wild Wawa Fall Kids Clothes Lifestyle Photos | F21D1, we captured the fall mood of the collection.

Wild Wawa tends to stay within neutral colors for her collection palette. So normally locations are chosen that enhance that. Normally we stick to parks, or wooded areas as they always want to stick to the brand identity of the the “wild child” running around, exploring. One time we did use a studio due to weather, but it always feels better outdoors! It definitely enhances the shoot as the kids naturally roam and explore their surroundings. Helps in getting those amazing candids!

Wild Wawa added some pieces for their Mommy and Me outfits! So if you love their pieces, you can have one for yourself! Nothing cute than mommy and her mini me in matching sweaters. Speaking of outfits, these make great looks for your fall family portraits! I know preparing for your family photoshoot can be challenging, but Wild Wawa makes it easy to at least dress your little ones! They are made with such great quality to last you forever!

Make sure to stagger the kids arrivals when for the session. You don’t want them to have to wait long for their turn. The quicker they can be photographed, the better their mood will be. Knowing if they are on a nap schedule can help to make sure you don’t book them doing their nap time slot. You want them to be refreshed and in a happy mood!


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