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Bringing life into your brand through visual content



COMMERCIAL photos: Wild Wawa Fall Winter 2019




Every brand has a website, an Instagram, a "something". You are competing for digital space and it might feel frustrating! How can you capture the attention of potential clients? By having an arsenal of visual content that effectively connects your clients with your brand's story. As humans, we love being told stories. I'll guide you to create your best story! From brain storming mood boards, to producing the shoot, to taking the photos, and the creativity during the editing process. I will make sure your story is FELT every time someone sees your photo.



5 Step Guide to prepare for your personal brandinG photoshoot!!

We live in a digital driven world!

Are you overwhelmed with taking selfies or asking your significant other to take photos of you? As a San Diego personal branding photographer, I don't want you to have to feel the pressure of keeping up with your social media posts + website presence.

I offer fun + creative content shoots where we can knock out almost 3, 6 months to a year's worth of marketing content*! My goal is to make you feel comfortable + confident in front of the camera. I will guide you through poses + find your best light!

Email me, call me or let's grab a beverage and we can have a brainstorm meeting together so we are prepared for the shoot with a list of specific content we need to capture, as well as props and outfit ideas! We can shoot at your home, out and about outdoors or you can rent a location off of PEERSPACE.

I loosen you up like a shot of liquid courage!

*Amount of content depends on amount of time booked

Lifestyle Clients:


Canela Media was in need of visual content to create marketing decks for their Fortune 500 clients. They were tired of using stock photography that didn't cater to their specific needs. They are a digital marketing agency that targets the Latin American market, so they wanted images that were more representative. They gave me a list of client categories they were targeting. So I came up with a plan by creating a shot list that reflected the industries they wanted to reach out to, casted talent that reflected their market and scouted for locations to best highlight the lifestyle of the story they wanted to tell. I executed on shoot day to provide a variety of images for them to choose from. After submitting the edited photos they ended wanting more deliverables than they had originally requested.


HONDA Latino developed a "Fin de with Friends" social media campaign that would take place in major cities across the US that showed a group of latino friends enjoying their time together with their HONDA car. It was crucial that the photoshoot create an atmosphere that was genuine and authentic. Provided with the moodboard, we sourced the talent and chose the best shoot locations that seemed natural for a group of friends to hang out at on the weekends. The full day shoot was a success and the edited deliverables were used for their instagram as part of their social media content strategy.

Dirty Dogs DIY Dog Bathing

Dirty Dogs, a dog + cat grooming chain in San Diego, was relaunching their website and needed new imagery that would take their sales to the next level! The stock photography they were currently using was not relatable to their clientele and thus local pet owners were having trouble connecting. We had pre shoot meetings to discuss the objectives of the shoot and the vision they wanted for their brand so we could cast the right talent, especially the dogs. It was important for Dirty Dogs to be extremely relatable to their clientele. We split it up the shoot into two days to showcase their top services. They now have plenty of imagery to choose from to continue to update their website in the future, as well as use on their social media outlets.


Volcom footwear needed a lifestyle marketing campaign directed towards their Latin American market using their Peruvian surf team rider, Miguel Tudela. It was important to understand the surf, skate and snow culture of Volcom to ensure that their personality was conveyed in the visual content. During the shoot it was important to make sure the photos were framed properly to allow for their marketing team to add text. The spirit of the brand was definitely felt in the images, wild, outside the box, thrill seekers! The campaign was successful!


PinkBlush is a women's maternity fashion brand that is in constant need of new imagery. As an online retailer, they know the importance of showcasing each clothing item they have for sale on a model. Having readily available imagery of their product definitely helps the consumer make their purchase.


Shooting children and babies can be troublesome. Wild Wawa and I have developed a shooting system where all the outfits are numbered and labeled so we minimize the amount of idle time. Locations are planned and we create stations to have diverse backdrops throughout the shoot. When you are a small business idle time is wasted money, so it's imperative to be efficient + effective. So much content is created in this short window. The edited photos are then delivered for them to use on their lookbook catalog, website and social media.


Having an authentic ambassador for your brand is imperative to gain trust and earn credibility from your clients. For this lifestyle shoot pro skater Corey Duffel was modeling his very own jacket while being interviewed by TEMPLE. We wanted the images to make consumers feel like wearing this jacket put them right there alongside Corey.

COMMERCIAL photos: Tarin Sirena Jewelry

Tarin Sirena jewelry was relaunching it's brand and jewelry collection. She wanted imagery that would instantly connect with the client and translate into a purchase. In order to help Tarin increase her sales, we had a brainstorm call to understand her clientele better and how we can make this lifestyle shoot resonate with them, what story we wanted to tell. We discussed everything from number of jewelry pieces to wardrobe options. Everything was pre labeled to ensure an efficient and effective shoot. As a small business owner you can't afford to have an all day shoot, so the better planned and prepared the further your money goes.

Let's get creative!!