San Diego Kids Spring Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa

October 18, 2022

San Diego Kids Spring Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa

As a San Diego branding photographer, I enjoy photographing fashion brands. I shoot a variety of fashion brands, including PinkBlush which is a women’s and maternity fashion brand. I also shoot for a children’s fashion brand, Wild Wawa. When you consistently shoot for a brand, you learn their identity and brand DNA. You understand the way they want their photos to represent their clothing lines. That is key to keeping repeat clients. In these San Diego Kids Spring Fashion Photos | Wild Wawa had such a fun and creative theme for the shoot. We transported to 70’s skate, kids style!

Normally for these shoots, we stagger the models. Meaning, we have two to three models at a time and they arrive every 45 min. There was a shot that was requested with all the kids together with their ice cream. Thus all the kids stuck around to be together for the team shot! Preferably, you want to stagger the model arrival when photographing multiple models/ kids. You don’t want a bottleneck to occur which causes kids to wait around.

As you can see from the photos, there were sports involved. Extreme sports to be more accurate. The kids that participated in the skating and scootering are active skaters. They wore their protective gear at all times. Safety was always given first priority. I would make sure to photograph them either at a standstill or I would observe and photograph them when they were in skate action. I didn’t want them to think they had to look at me when skating down. I didn’t wan to risk them getting distracted.

These were shot in the late afternoon, in a somewhat open and exposed location. There were only a couple trees. When shooting in the open air, with bight light, I would suggest using a scrim. This helps diffuse the light. Depending on the size you get, you might need two people to hold it up.


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