Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook | PinkBlush Fall Maxi Dresses

October 21, 2019

Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook | PinkBlush Fall Maxi Dresses

Nothing easier to wear than a maxi dress. It has you covered from head to toe! When you are looking for easy maternity clothes, this is your must have! In these commercial photos: Fall maternity maxi dresses Pinkblush offers so many to choose from! They make sure you keep you stylish during your pregnancy! Whether you want lace, florals or solids, they’ve got you covered!

We shot at this beautiful garden, ranch style location off highway 8 in El Cajon. They had a cute cafe, a pumpkin patch in the making and tons of flowers and plants to choose from. A nursery you could say. It was a very hot day, so I din’t peruse the plants too much, but we did find great locations to shoot these maternity clothes in.

You can’t really tell by the way I framed this photo, but this wooden door gate was in the middle of the nursery. Surrounded by a couple trees, but on its own. We all instantly fell in love with it and definitely wanted to shoot it when the model was wearing the maxi dresses. It gave that welcome to my tea party or baby shower vibe.

I have recently gotten in to buying plants for my home despite thinking I have a black thumb. I guess I have a lil bit, because of the 5 plants I bought, 2 are dying :/ They are super cool and if I remember correctly were called banana plants. They drape down and I thought they were supposed to be easy to care for, but sadly they are on their way out.

I shot this using my two CANON 5D Mark III bodies and my 70-200mm lens and 35mm prime lens. This allows me to quickly go from wide shots to close ups. I have them both strapped on my leather camera harness from Holdfast. Always makes me feel like a cowboy when I wear them. LOL!


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