Encinitas Lifestyle Branding Photos | Melanie Morton

March 13, 2020

Encinitas Lifestyle Branding Photos | Melanie Morton

What a fun shoot I had with Melanie Morton, women’s weight loss coach, based out of Encinitas. She is super sweet and has the cutest family ever! It was an early morning shoot, so we could get that nice light. I really enjoy these lifestyle branding photo sessions. I like to consult with my client and really understand the message they want to communicate to their clients. The story they want to tell. This helps me understand the story we are telling through the images.

I always encourage multiple outfits. The longer sessions you book with me the more outfit changes you have time for. This helps a lot if you are needing content for your social media or website, because I am shooting you in all different environments and backdrops. I leave you with plenty of content for the quarter or event the year, depending on how often you use it. Melanie used some of this content for her new coaching project CONFIDENTLY CONNECTED COMMUNITY.

So whether you are a fitness coach, a wellness coach, an influencer, a yoga instructor, an artist, if you have a story you need told through images, I am happy to tell that story with you! I always have a call with my clients beforehand or email and make sure we understand the objective of the shoot and I always ask or suggest he or she make a list of topics they will be addressing when using the content. That way it serves as a checklist for me to make sure we have covered all the ideas.

So for this shoot I asked Melanie beforehand what topics she was going to cover over the next weeks in her instagram posts. She also mentioned she was planning on organizing a retreat. So I asked her to let me know the topics or theme of the retreat to make sure I shoot photos that are relevant. This also serves as a bonus for you to organize your thoughts and intentions for content. So reach out and let’s plan your lifestyle branding shoot! Can’t wait to tell your story!



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