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December 11, 2019

COMMERCIAL photos: Holiday Maternity One Piece Swimwear

The holidays are upon us and people are getting ready for some much needed time off. If you are headed to warmer weather and are looking for maternity swimwear look no further than PinkBlush. As a fashion photographer, I love going to different outdoor locations to shoot new lifestyle campaigns. These commercial photos: Holiday Maternity One Piece Swimwear session was shot at Aliso State Beach in Laguna Beach.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this OC beach! It looked like a scene from a movie! Beautiful white sands, stunning rocks and when the sun finally came out, clear waters. There is also a park area and picnic tables. There are also restrooms. Yay for Laguna Beach!

The weather was a bit overcast in the early morning and I believe it even drizzled a little bit. We certainly made the best of it and it’s awesome when you have a fun team to work with on a fashion photoshoot. We were all there to pull through and create some fun images!

I shot this session using two CANON camera bodies. One had my 35mm prime lens and the other 70-200 zoom lens, both CANON. I love these two lenses. It’s very versatile and I like having both accessible at the same time so that I never, almost never, miss THE SHOT. Yes it does get tiring to carry around all these cameras and lenses, especially as a wedding photographer when I am on my feet for 7+ hours. But when you can rest assured you can be ready for anything that comes your way, it’s worth it!

When shooting at the beach, it’s not always a bad thing for the weather to be overcast, when shooting during the day. Since there aren’t trees to utilize to block the sun, it helps keep it from being so bright.



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