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November 18, 2019

COMMERCIAL photos: PinkBlush Fall Fashion Ideas

In Southern California it doesn’t yet feel like fall, but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe it’s finally coming. The nights are getting a little cooler so you can still start to wear fall weather style. Bring out the layers! Need help? These commercial photos: PinkBlush Fall Fashion Ideas will definitely give you good pointers. Whether you are more in to casual jeans or casual dresses, both options are available.

What better color to signal the coming of fall than mustard yellow! It’s a great pop of color! Depending on where you are in the country you might even match the fall foliage! One of my clients wore a similar color for her family portraits and I think they really made the photos pop. Take a look here.

Nothing like a pair of booties to remind you that it is fall! They are the go to shoe type for any event! Plus they are super comfy! Speaking of comfy, what better accessory than a big, soft scarf! This off white, pearl color is a great piece to have in your closet as it literally matches with anything!

I love me some hiking photos! If anyone has any trails to recommend of national parks, please do kindly share! Feel free to be specific on the trails or time of year to go! I am a huge fan of fall foliage!! So if anyone knows of an amazing forest to see fall foliage, please let me know!!

Wedding season has been in full effect but it’s starting to calm down and I have one more wedding in December. Family portraits sessions are getting popular, and I have a couple family photo sessions this week. Then I am leaving for a trip to Peru to visit my dad!! I have been going back n forth whether I should postpone the trip to the beginning of next year when things really start to slow down, but sometimes you just got to go!


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