Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Womens

December 3, 2018

Lifestyle Fashion Lookbook Photos | PinkBlush Womens

This fall I started shooting for PinkBlush.¬†They are a women’s clothing brand that has a great concept, because they have transitional maternity clothing. So you can always feel in style, whether you are pregnant or not. I love suggesting PinkBlush to my maternity clients because they have such a large supply of stylish women’s clothing!

This was from my first shoot with them. It was so much fun! We had a lot of outfits to shoot in a short amount of time, but we all worked efficiently and got it all done! This was shot at W2 street in Santa Ana. It was a great location for a fall fashion shoot. Loved the exposed brick! This post is all about the exposed brick. I broke up this shoot into 3 different posts.

It was fun to be creative and quickly come up with spots to shoot and which location would go with which look. We all worked great as a team! The stylist did a great job putting together so many different looks! Made me want to buy everything! This cream colored backpack goes with everything!!

This post I decided to keep it stripes and bricks! I loved this burgundy fedora hat! As I mentioned before PinkBlush is great for providing you with transitional clothing throughout your pregnancy. You won’t have to worry about spending money on temporary clothing because you will want to keep these clothes forever!

They are having great sales right now for Cyber Monday. Whether you need shoes, hats, tops or bottoms, PinkBlush has it all! They also have great jewelry too! Doing fashion shoots are so much fun! Love working with the model to bring the clothes to life!


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