San Marcos Courthouse Wedding Photos | Leslie + Ian

November 4, 2022

San Marcos Courthouse Wedding Photos | Leslie + Ian

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I get to visit the different locations that the county offers to get your marriage license. They each have their own personality and views. The San Diego location is located at waterfront park, so there is plenty of greenery, water fountains and the marina is across the street. Santee has a mix of desert feels and valley boulder landscaping nearby. In these San Marcos Courthouse Wedding Photos | Leslie + Ian you will see that forest nature feel at a nearby location from the ceremony site. Always keep in mind that you can always take your courthouse wedding on an adventure. You can always drive to another location for your formal portraits.

This was a morning wedding. Whenever you have a morning session, I would consider giving your couples the option of doing the formal portraits either before or after the actual ceremony. If you risk the lighting getting harsh, you might want to explain to them the benefits of starting earlier and before the ceremony. Not everyone is a morning person, or has enough time to get ready in the morning. Have no fear, you can always work with your surroundings to give your clients the best photo opportunities. Find a place with some shade coverage and pose them in a way that is flattering with the light.

That is why I encourage you to have wedding walk throughs with your clients. It’s definitely not an obligation to them, but this does help them understand the way the day will unfold. If lighting is a concern, this will help them see what you are trying to describe to them. If you are shooting in the summertime or wintertime, temperature can also be a concern. This way they can get a run through. This will help them assess if they want to make any changes, like starting earlier or later.



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