San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Mayra + Dustin

August 20, 2022

San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Mayra + Dustin

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I always strive to look for new nooks and corners when photographing my couples. There hasn’t been a better time to do that then now. The San Diego county administrator building , which is where you get your marriage license from, is currently under remodel/construction. This means that spots where I usually photograph at are not available because they are fenced off or blocked off. When doing a walk thru for this San Diego Courthouse Wedding Photos | Mayra + Dustin did not worry. I assured them that there are still plenty of locations to photograph their couple portraits at.

San Diego summer courthouse weddings can be hot! Especially when they take place in August. Apart from wanting good lighting, try to schedule either the first or last appointment of the day. You don’t want to be melting and roasting under the sun. On a positive note though, there are places outside with shade, so if you are unable to book those times, rest assured knowing that. Bring a tote bag with plenty of water! You can place your belongings all in one spot so when you need to hydrate it’s a quick break.

Other items to add to your tote bag can be lipstick / chapstick to reapply after all those kissing shots. A handkerchief to dry way any sweating. Comfy shoes if you have broken in your wedding shoes! While on the topic of shoes, you will notice Mayra is wearing stilettos. She is also walking on grass in her stilettos! How? She bought those heel protectors so she could walk about freely during her session. So if you have your favorite pair of shoes and are worried about walking on grass or some dirt, now you have a solution!

If you are wondering if you can invite friends and family to your San Diego courthouse wedding, the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Typically I photography the friends + family portraits right after the ceremony. This way we can use the arch as a backdrop.



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