San Marcos Courthouse Wedding | Kitty + Emilio

January 12, 2021

San Marcos Courthouse Wedding | Kitty + Emilio

2021 courthouse weddings are in full swing! As covid continues to present issues, many couples are still opting to have a ceremony when they get their marriage license! It’s such a great solution to tie the knot immediately and then wait when restrictions are eliminated for big celebrations. This was my second San Marcos Courthouse Wedding | Kitty + Emilio were super fun to work with! Grooms’ parents and the couple’s best friend were there to celebrate with them!

I would like to clarify by saying that just because it’s a courthouse wedding, does not mean you can’t treat it like a real wedding and have a first look. When I was going the walk thru a couple days before the wedding date with Kitty + Emilio, they expressed to me that they would like to have a first look. So while we were walking the premises I spotted a location that could work for that and they were into it.

The timeline for this San Marcos civil wedding was a little different than usual. Normally, I start with ceremony photos, then friends and family and then formal portraits. Click here on how to prepare for your courthouse wedding. In this case we started with the first look and friends + family photos due to the fact that their ceremony started 1.5 hour within sunset. I didn’t want to risk losing natural light so I made that suggestion, which they in turn understood.

The ceremony check in took a little longer than expected. Normally, it should be around 20 minutes. This was almost 40 minutes long. I don’t know why it ran later but this did affect our light a bit. We rushed over to my portrait location to try to make the best of the light. It also didn’t help that the clouds were starting to roll in as well. I knew I could depend on my Canon prime lens’ though! They work so well in low light without needing to use a flash!

If you haven’t noticed already, the bride wore a cathedral veil! I just about died when I saw it!!! I loooooooveeeee cathedral veils!! Such a statement piece! I made sure that veil got its shot! Luckily, their best friend and also best maid of honor, helped me with holding and dropping the veil so that the wind could catch it and give it even more life!



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