Horton Grand Hotel Wedding Photos | Diane + Luis

January 13, 2022

Horton Grand Hotel Wedding Photos | Diane + Luis

As a San Diego wedding photographer, I love when I get the opportunity to photograph at a new San Diego Wedding Venue. I had heard of the Horton Grand hotel for it’s whiskey bar, and boy did that not disappoint for the groom portraits! It was such a blast having a soft vintage and urban feel for this Horton Grand Hotel Wedding Photos | Diane + Luis looking like models from the past! I could not get enough of the natural light that would pour into the lobby. I searched for the natural light everywhere in the hotel!

When you are getting ready at hotels, which I highly recommend getting ready whenever you can, at the same venue; always ask for east or west facing windows. This helps ensure that you will have a well lit room. The higher the room, the more light that will enter as well. Your photographer will thank you! Also, leave the space around the window clean and organized. You photographer will use that space to photograph your details including, but not limited to: flowers, rings, dress, invite, shoes, jewelry, etc.

The Horton Grand Hotel has so many different areas to photograph. If you haven’t photographed there, I definitely suggest scouting all around. Including the neighboring streets in downtown San Diego. I used the hotel for the majority of the photos. For their formal portraits I also included the neighboring streets. When the couple came into town to visit, we did a walk thru the hotel as well s the spots I had picked out for the downtown area. They definitely wanted the GASLAMP sign in the photos, so we made sure to get that spot.

When picking locations for formal couple portraits or family portraits, I like to pick more spots then I anticipate even using. The reason for this is because you never know what will happen the day of. Weather, people, landscaping, etc. There are may things that can affect your photo spots. So it’s good to be prepared in case you have to switch gears. In other cases too, you might even be spontaneous and choose a new spot on the fly. That’s the fun and beauty of photography!



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