San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Kate + Matt

February 17, 2021

San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Kate + Matt

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I am constantly blown away by how beautiful the San Diego County Admin building is! It doesn’t matter the time of day or weather. In these San Diego courthouse wedding | Kate + Matt got to experience the courthouse at two different times.

One thing I always like to tell my courthouse wedding clients is that you can treat it if it were your “normal” wedding, or you can treat it super casual. It’s up to you! You can make it whatever you want it to be. I have had brides with cathedral veils to brides who wear black.

There are a couple, you could say, limitations. You have to wait around 45 days in advance before booking your date. So you are not always guaranteed your date and/or time. I would suggest an early morning time or one of the last appointments. That way you can get the magic hour light.

If you end up with a middle of the day ceremony appointment, no problem. You can either schedule your portraits for later in the day, or split up the session for the ceremony portion and then reconvene for the formal portraits.

Another important detail to point out is that you cannot say personal vows during the actual ceremony. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t hop over to the outdoor arch and say your personal vows afterwards or before your appointed ceremony! So there is a loophole. See here:

You can also bring your pet!! (Of course follow the rules of having them on a leash). Waterfront park is open to all and to all pets. You can also have your best man or maid of honor or whomever hand you the rings during the actual ceremony.



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