San Diego Style Blogger Photos | Yana

December 17, 2020

San Diego Style Blogger Photos | Yana

As a San Diego Lifestyle photographer, I always have a fun time shooting fashion bloggers and influencers. I like seeing what product they have to push and or discuss creative ideas on locations and their outfits. This was my first time shooting San Diego style blogger photos | Yana. We had a great time and was able to capture a lot of different looks.

I had a phone call conversation with Yana to discuss what she was looking for in her shoot. I had her explain to me and send me a moodboard of her outfits so that I may suggest locations for her. We decided on San Diego’s Little Italy and Balboa Park’s Cactus Garden. I showed her samples of other shoots I had done there and she agreed these locations work great!

When shooting influencers, you always want to make sure you ask a couple questions. For example, which specific product are they selling/promoting? You want to make sure you know so you can do close up shots of the product. Influencers are always in need of detail shots. Another important thing to ask is if they prefer vertical vs horizontal photos. Depends on their feed and whether they will use the photos on their Instagram stories. If so, verticals are important.

For this session, Yana booked me for 1.5 hours. We were able to get 4 outfits in, and would have probably gotten 5 in but she didn’t bring another outfit. Always tell your clients to bring more outfits because you rather have extra outfits then less and have extra time. She was shocked by how fast we were able to get the shots. The reason was because I took her to locations I was very familiar with and so we didn’t waste time searching for a spot. I cannot stress enough how important it is to scout your locations before your shoot.



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