USD Graduation Photos | Molly B.

July 8, 2022

As a San Diego senior grad photographer, it’s great to be able to capture a milestone in someone’s life! Graduating can be stressful with final exams and saying goodbye to some experiences. A grad portrait session, though, can help preserve those memories! It’s a celebratory way after all the hard work the grads have gone through! Whether it’s undergraduate or graduate school, each graduation deserves a session! In these USD Graduation Photos | Molly B., celebrated her portrait session with her husband as well!

Molly booked an extended session to accommodate for her two outfits and including her husband. In actuality, three outfits if you include the cap and gown ensemble. It’s always nice to have extra time so you don’t feel rushed during your session. Be prepared to change in your car if there are no available bathrooms nearby. Having everything laid out and organized helps for a smooth change.

Spring time grad portraits offer such beautiful flora al around. Most strikingly, the jacarandas! WOW! Wow! WOW! The color is so vibrant! It really added to the photo session! They don’t last long, so I would plan on booking your session no later than end of May. Of course if you want to book your session at the beach, then you can book into June or through the summer. No need to rush things and this way you can wait till after your finals to have your session.

As you can see, you can wear the cap and gown in all different formats. You can wear it open, closed, with the gown or without. Feel free to style as you please. These are both your grad portraits but also portraits of yourself in this moment in time. So if there is an outfit you have been eyeing, treat yourself!



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