Lifestyle Photos: Temple Authentic and Corey Duffel

August 5, 2018

Lifestyle Photos: Temple Authentic and Corey Duffel

I am a big supporter of small businesses, especially those who seek to make sustainable, locally sourced, products. My childhood friends started a clothing company called TEMPLE. Their style is inspired by skate street culture. They were conducting an interview with skater Corey Duffel and asked me to shoot photos of it as he was going to be wearing their Doberman Jacket.

I am a huge fan of bomber jackets. I think everyone should have at least 2! 😉 It’s a great look for both men and women! Although these jackets are currently “mens” jackets, I don’t see why women can’t wear them either. So ladies, head on over to their site and get something for yourself too! These are all hand made in Downtown LA. Every detail is taken into consideration. The stitching, the lining, the fabric, the cut, everything! These brothers are making sure to provide you with something that will last forever.

TEMPLE has expanded into t-shirts and accessories too! Jackets are still their main squeeze though. It was fun shooting while an interview was being conducted. Definitely got those candid shots, especially of him actually commenting on the jacket, which he was stoked on of course. Corey is a super cool guy. Totally open during the interview and wasn’t bothered by my camera at all 😉


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