San Diego Influencer Spring Fashion | Yana Deng

April 6, 2021

San Diego Influencer Spring Fashion | Yana Deng

As a San Diego content creator, I love working with San Diego influencers to photograph their newest fashion looks. With a new season upon us, I worked with San Diego influencer Spring Fashion | Yana Deng to capture her spring looks! I had worked with her last year when I shot some of her Fall looks. We discussed her looks and she mentioned her color schemes so I scouted for some solid wall backdrops that would complement her outfits. Fortunately, I was able to find the three walls within blocks of one another!

I absolutely love the purple corduroy from Nasty Gal! Nothing like having a simple light jacket / shirt to throw over when it’s a bit breezy. The purple color really pops and I definitely have been seeing a lot of purple shades lately! Yana helps make sure I stay up to date with the trends! Adding the flowers was a fun prop as well! Always encourage your clients, whether it’s portraits for fun or for branding to include props. It makes them feel more at ease cause there is something for them to do or hold.

Influencers are always in need of content. It’s important to develop great relationships with them so there is a rhythm and flow when shooting. The more you shoot with the same client, the easier and faster it is to capture the perfect photos for them. When you get faster, then your client is able to get more looks shot. This is a HUGE bonus for them. That means they have more content to post. Having to do your hair and makeup is a lot and so it’s important for your clients to make the most out of their sessions! Trust me, they will thank you for it and want to keep booking with you!



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