San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Dasha Glozman

June 9, 2021

San Diego Personal Branding Photos | Dasha Glozman

As a San Diego lifestyle photographer, I love shooting Personal Branding sessions! It’s a fun way to help your client express who they are visually. Furthermore, it helps them think about and organize there content. I actually created a helpful how to guide on how to prepare for your personal branding session. Part of being great at creating content for your client is preparing for it. In these San Diego personal branding photos | Dasha Glozman and I had 2 creative calls, prior to the shoot, to make sure everything was dialed in.

In these creative calls you really want your client to understand the goals and objectives of their personal branding photo session. You want the client to use these photos efficiently.It’s always a great idea then, to ask them what they will be used for. This means having them think about where they will be placed on their website. What topics they are going to discuss on their newsletter or instagram posts. Also, it’s a great time to discuss props and tagging opportunities. So if they want to promote another brand, they can make sure they are using their product. Here is Dasha’s instagram. Her leggings for example are from ALO. So she can tag them and hope it picks up on exposure or repost.

It may seem overwhelming to your client, but as a San Diego personal branding photographer, you can never be too prepared before a shoot. For the most part, your clients are spending money on wardrobe, hair and makeup and a location. You want these photos to surpass their expectations! In this shoot, I had the pleasure of shooting at Cottage And Sea again. Dasha booked it through Peerspace. I shot here before with Psalm, on another personal branding shoot. It was a gloomy day, but we still found her light!

In your personal branding photoshoots, you want a mixture of photos that represent your client. I always like to ask what the theme of the shoot is. What kind of image of themselves do they want to convey. Then I also incorporate that with who they are and the topics they are covering. My goal is to capture that in an effortless way to make it feel like a lifestyle photoshoot. Personal branding is just that, bringing out the person and showing who they are and what they represent in this shoot.



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