Aliso State Beach Family Photos | Olsen

November 24, 2021

Aliso State Beach Family Photos | Olsen

As a San Diego family photographer, it is very common to photograph family photos on the beautiful California beaches! There are so many different kinds of beaches. You can have beaches with tide pools, piers, cliffs, and so forth. In this Aliso State Beach Family Photos | Olsen family was three generational. Lately there have been many family photos with three generations. Due to covid, many families haven’t been able to reunite. Now that it has been possible for some, they want to capture the memory!

Aliso State Beach is absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately this session was right after the oil spill. Luckily though, it was the first days where the ocean was finally clear. The tide was high, but on its way down. As we had toddlers and babies, I wanted to start the session higher up on the sand. I didn’t want any issued with getting splashed.

As the tide was going down, more of the beautiful rocks and cliffs were becoming exposed. This is what I love about this beach. The south side of the beach has such gorgeous texture rocks and tide pools. The waves were pretty strong, so it made for some great splashes in the backdrop.

When shooting extended family sessions, make sure to either request a shot list from your contact or have one in mind. More or less, you want to do the following: Entire group photos, grandparents with grandkids, nucleus family, each mini nucleus family, each parent with child, each grandparent with grand child, siblings, parents only without kids, etc. Then of course always ask if there is any other combo they would like, perhaps, all the ladies or all the guys. There are a different number of variations so make sure you keep track of the shots.


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