San Diego Family Photos | Adrienne + Gerry

March 30, 2022

As a San Diego family photographer, it is very exciting when our wedding clients become our family clients! I photographed Adrienne + Gerry’s wedding, a beautiful day at La Jolla Woman’s Club and Cuvier Park! Then I had the pleasure of photographing their maternity session at Los Peñasquitos Ranch House! In this San Diego Family Photos | Adrienne + Gerry, I was very excited to meet the newest member, Sara! She is only 4 months old so the session was indoors at their home.

Usually family sessions with newborns or young babies happen in the morning. Ideally when they wake up from their nap. This way they are well rested and are relaxed. Of course they can have a feeding after they wake up and before the session. Just note, they can throw up a little at the start of the session. Have a rag handy in case that happens. Also, have a back up outfit for yourself and for the baby too1

When shooting in home, make sure to ask your clients to clear the areas nearest to the windows before your arrival. You want to make sure you have access to as much natural light as possible. Opening doors helps too! Fortunately, the living room and the nursery both had access to windows and morning light! I don’t like using flash. Least of all when photographing a baby as it can get annoying for them.

I stuck with my prime lenses for this session as I knew I would be working with low light. To avoid having multiple subjects blurred, make sure they are almost cheek to cheek when posing. When I was close to the light, then I would up the aperture so they would be more in focus. Always be mindful of how you are positioning your clients when using a wide aperture. Sometimes take multiple shots in a row to make sure there isn’t camera shake and they are in focus.



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