Los Penasquitos Ranch House Maternity Photos | Adrienne + Gerry

November 24, 2021

Los Penasquitos Ranch House Maternity Photos | Adrienne + Gerry

As a San Diego maternity photographer, I get asked a lot to shoot at the beach. La Jolla beaches are beautiful backdrops for. your maternity session. Lately, I had received more requests for the “meadow” and “field” look. My favorite spot for that is none other than Los Penasquitos Ranch House. I am such a fan of this location! Anytime of the year, it definitely provides! In these Los Penasquitos Ranch House Maternity Photos | Adrienne + Gerry were celebrating their first child! I had shot their wedding the year before at the La Jolla Woman’s Club so it was a great reunion!

The willow trees are just stunning! I haven’t been to Georgia yet, but this is what I imagine it to look like there. The way the light hits them and shines through is so beautiful! When I have photo sessions here I always start with the willow tress first to diffuse the light a little bit. There are tons of willow trees side by side.

Once the sun ducks down behind the hill, I move over to the farm ranch house looking barn doors. It’s a beautiful shade of red and makes it look very rustic. There are two sides of it. So if you don’t want to wait for the sun to go down, then you can choose the north side of it. There are animals there, but the cage isn’t the prettiest to photography.

One thing I would suggest that I only realized during this session. I absolutely love Adrienne’s dress, but I would suggest a dress that doesn’t have wide sleeves. What happened is that when you are standing and I have you put your hands on the baby bump, the wide sleeves covers some of the bump when viewing from the side. Should this happen, try to roll up the sleeves as much as you can.



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