La Jolla Windansea Beach Family Photos | Steve + Sarah

September 18, 2022

La Jolla Windansea Beach Family Photos | Steve + Sarah

As a La Jolla family photographer, I tend to get a lot of requests to photograph at the beach. No surprise here! La Jolla is filled with beautiful beaches. I do tend to stay clear of Windansea Beach because in the summer time there are so many people that it can get challenging. There is always photoshop, but you also don’t want the families to feel uncomfortable with so many people looking at them. If they don’t mind though, then Windansea is a beautiful place to photograph at! In this La Jolla Windansea Beach Family Photos | Steve + Sarah were visiting from out of town with their family.

This La Jolla beach family session was done the day after Labor Day Weekend! They were only in town for the holiday weekend. In order to avoid the major holiday crowds, I suggested we wait till their last full day here to have the session! There was a heat wave, so the beaches were definitely going to be packed. If they would have been local, I would have waited till it was low tide at sunset to schedule their session. This session was during high tide, but I had spotted areas where we can still utilize the rocks and cliffs with some minimal tide coming in.

When booking the session, I had mentioned to them to be extra careful with the sun. I have learned that when you are shooting in the summer time, your clients are more at risk to getting sunburned before their session. I rather be overly cautious than not. So a pro tip- always mention how important it is for them to be safe with the sun. Even if you sound like a ridiculous mama bear, your clients will thank you for the reminder.



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