San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Shuyi + Chris

December 31, 2021

San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Shuyi + Chris

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love giving people an incredible civil wedding experience! I treat a courthouse wedding just as if I were shooting a “normal” wedding. I want the best spots and lighting for your wedding portraits. The San Diego courthouse has various locations. I have had the privilege of shooting at the San Diego one, San Marcos and Santee. If you are thinking of having a San Diego courthouse wedding, you may find information here on how to obtain your marriage license and ceremony. In this San Diego Courthouse Wedding | Shuyi + Chris enjoyed the beauty of the courthouse and marina across the street.

One question I get asked a lot about getting married at the San Diego marriage hut or courthouse is whether they can have guests. I would check the website to confirm, but I believe for the indoor ceremonies you can have up to 10 guests and outdoor is really unlimited. The reason I say that is because the outdoor arbor, where the ceremony takes place, is at Waterfront Park. Waterfront Park is a public park, so really as many people as you want could be there.

As I mentioned earlier, I treat courthouse wedding just the same as “normal” weddings. So I also let my clients know that if they would like to do a First Look before their ceremony check in, that they most certainly can! I like to do a walk thru with my clients, before their wedding date, at the courthouse to point out meeting points and portrait locations. Here is where I would confirm with them if they want to do a first look and where. It feels just as exciting to do a first look here then anywhere else!

Couples and keep traditions or do their own thing. They can either have a bouquet or not. Wear a white dress or NOT. This is their day and their chance to do what represents them as a couple on their wedding day. Be there to encourage any creative ideas.


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