WEDDING photos: San Diego Courthouse Wedding

October 23, 2019

WEDDING photos: San Diego Courthouse Wedding

I can’t say this enough as a San Diego Wedding Photographer, I love shooting San Diego Courthouse weddings!!! We are so lucky that the San Diego County Administrator building is located right in front of the marina and that the premises are so lush with greenery! There are so many great wedding photo opportunities everywhere you turn! For these wedding photos: San Diego Courthouse Wedding, it was just myself and the couple. This time the ceremony took place indoors. I do suggest, weather permitting, that you choose to have your ceremony outside.

Indoor ceremony is fine, you just need your flash on hand just in case, but I prefer to shoot as much outside and without flash as possible. There ceremonies are usually pretty short, so we were outside in no time! In fact, if there aren’t people over by the arch you can quickly mimic an outdoor ceremony and you don’t get the officiant in the photos. All up to the clients.

This was a morning ceremony time slot, around 10AM. So we still had some parts of the San Diego County Administrator building shaded, others had heavy light. That is why it’s always good to have in mind a couple spots so that if the light is too bright, you can quickly continue on to the next.

Yes, the. bride did NOT wear a white dress. You can always be a rule breaker at your own wedding. Other brides wear red. It doesn’t matter, what matters is what makes you feel comfortable and confident! It’s your day, wear whatever you want to wear. Many people feel like they have to follow certain rules for their wedding days, just follow your heart. Yes it sounds cheesy, but it’s true! It should be about your love and what represents your relationship!



[…] One thing I always like to tell my courthouse wedding clients is that you can treat it if it were your “normal” wedding, or you can treat it super casual. It’s up to you! You can make it whatever you want it to be. I have had brides with cathedral veils to brides who wear black. […]


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