WEDDING photos: La Jolla Shores Beach

November 20, 2018

WEDDING photos: La Jolla Shores Beach

San Diego beach weddings could not be more romantic! Dream Beach Wedding makes it effortless for you to get married on the beautiful beaches of San Diego. For these wedding photos: La Jolla Shores Beach provided the couple with beautiful pink skies! It was the day before daylight savings, so you got the fall sky with the spring time. The bride requested ahead of time that I make sure to catch her hubby to be’s reaction as she walked down the aisle. I was happy to have that request as that is my favorite part of the ceremony! His jaw literally dropped as she walked down the aisle!

When I arrived to the San Diego wedding venue, it was completely overcast! I am talking ghost town looking overcast!! This is normal around the beach area, but it normally does clear out. Thankfully, the clouds did start to burn off. I reassured the groom that having a little bit of cloud coverage is great, especially this light misty kind as it serves like a natural flash!

The couple did two really cool wedding wedding services. They did a giving of the rose, where they gave the mother of the bride a lovely flower symbolizing all the support she has provided. It brought the mother of the bride to tears! Always a very emotional. moment. They also did the sand ceremony, where they combine each others sand to symbolize the union of their lives together.

The bride and groom exchanged beautiful vows to one another. This is my second favorite part of the wedding ceremony. I love hearing the lovey dovey words they tell one another about how much they love each other!

Ceremony was over and they were now MR. and Mrs.!! They shared their first kiss and walked font the aisle with huge smiles on their faces! Next was the group shot and the family portraits.

Then comes my third favorite part, the formal portraits! A lot of photoshop had to be done to get as many people out of the backdrop as possible, but it was worth the effort! I did keep the surfers in the background for some as I think it goes with the beach wedding vibe.

The sun was setting fast, but the post sunset light was a beautiful soft pink! It added even more romance to the photos! La Jolla Shores Beach is a beautiful backdrop with its tree lines palm trees!



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