Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | K + J

July 4, 2023

Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | K + J

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I love the opportunity to photograph at the various San Diego marriage license locations across the county. Each one has its own set of backdrops. You can choose and see which resonates with you most. Some locations are more popular or more booked than others, so make sure to set your alarm for 45 days in advance of the date you are aiming for. Another item to consider is the time of your ceremony. I would suggest either the first 2 morning slots, usually 8am or 8:30am. For the afternoon slot, I would choose the closest time that is within 2-3 hours of sunset time. You can check he sunset time for your wedding date through google. In these Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | K + J had a mid morning ceremony.

In order to avoid the strong sunlight and heat, we decided to do the session backwards. We started with the couple portraits first and then headed over to the Santee county office for the wedding ceremony. We gave ourselves a little over an hour at the offsite location. Always buffer extra time for the couple portraits. When you have an incredible location and backdrop, you can get caught up in it. If you are doing your session in reverse, you don’t want them stressing about getting to their ceremony time late.

Always know you can offer alternatives to your clients. You can either start earlier or you can switch the order. Always check with them to make sure they are ok with it. You could have clients that would prefer to wait till they are officially married before taking their couple portraits. Others prefer to have the best light. Everyone is different. Be prepared with options and ready to execute on their choices.


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