Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Shubhra + Alexander

December 30, 2021

Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Shubhra + Alexander

As a San Diego courthouse wedding photographer, I have had the pleasure of shooting at the various locations across San Diego County. There is the San Diego location, San Marcos Location and the Santee Courthouse Location. They each have their own charm and aesthetic. If you are looking for something green, tropical, retro with blue waters, then the San Diego Office is your fit. If you are looking for something more woodsy/ forest feel then the San Marcos Office is your fit. If you want more of a desert and boulder feel, then the Santee office is definitely for you! In this Santee Courthouse Wedding Photos | Shubhra + Alexander, they turned their civil ceremony elopement into an adventure!

When shooting civil ceremonies, let your clients know that it doesn’t stop at the courthouse. The session can continue on to other locations. Here is where the adventure part kicks in! San Diego has almost every topography within an hour or less. Except maybe for rain forest, but you can go to one of the tropical decor hotels nearby. LOL. I always let me clients know that they have the option to add locations to their sessions to add a little adventure.

Don’t let the word “adventure” intimidate you. It doesn’t mean you have to hop on a plane or train and travel for hours. It can be as simple as going to the beach, Balboa Park, Desert Garden, or even a diner. I have yet to shoot at a diner, but I waiting for that couple! Basically the goal is to let them go to a place that has some meaning to them or they feel represents them. Or because they simply want epic photos with a beautiful backdrop!

In their elopement, they chose to go to 2 locations. The beauty of civil weddings is that you don’t have to deal with moving too many people. Usually it’s just the couple and a few friends or family. I had the special guest of their dog with us! That is also something to mention to your clients. It is always Pet Friendly 🙂 (well usually).



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