Carlsbad Elopement Photos | Paula + Dan

March 30, 2022

Carlsbad Elopement Photos | Paula + Dan

As a San Diego elopement photographer, I see how much more at ease couples are. There is less cause for stress in a more intimate wedding than in a fuller longer wedding. What is an elopement wedding? In today’s world, it is a celebration of two people getting married where the guest count is 20 or less. A more intimate and casual gathering. The focus of the day is more on the couple and their promises to one another. In this Carlsbad Elopement Photos | Paula + Dan got married in the comfort of their very own home!

Surrounded by hundreds of navel oranges, they said their vows in their own backyard! Such a beautiful backdrop! They hired an officiant to come down and lead them into their “I Do’s.” Talk about ease and comfort! Zero stress on finding and securing a wedding venue. No need to worry about catering. This day we simply about the two of them and their promises to one another.

I arrived about 20-30 min before the ceremony time to scout the home and see how the lighting was. Instantly, I fell in love with their backyard! The oranges were in full bloom! Originally, they were going to have their ceremony in front of the fountain, but I found the backdrop too busy. I wanted the focus to stay on them and I knew there was nothing sweeter than the orange tree!

After the ceremony we all toasted and had champagne! Then we continued on with the formal portraits. We kept it to the backyard and the upstairs patio. When you have minimal space, it challenges you to come up with creative posing. Furthermore, it pushes you to find and discover new lines and angles. I utilized the stone wall to create infinite lines.


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