La Jolla Scripps Woods Maternity Photos

January 26, 2019

La Jolla Scripps Woods Maternity Photos

If time is allowed I always encourage clients to bring an outfit change. It’s like a quick reboot during the session. You feel like you are starting all over again. Especially when you are in the same location. I always encourage completely different outfits. Like if you area wearing pants in one, then switch to a dress. For men, shorts or pants or at least change of shirt. For today’s change of clothing post I shot maternity photos: La Jolla Scripps Woods.

This was the first dress my client had on for her first San Diego maternity photoshoot. I asked her where it was from as I like to have suggestions for future clients when asked about maternity clothes. Would you believe she said PinkBlush! I said no way! I shoot for them!! I love all their clothes!!

The light was absolutely beautiful! It was about an hour and a half before sunset. As I knew there was a a lot of tree coverage I knew the time would be ok. I was saving the beach sunset magic hour for later. They were so natural in front of the camera! I had a blast shooting them. They were completely themselves!

They are two weeks shy from their due date and they cannot wait to meet their little one. Wondering if they are having or girl or boy? They are too! They are going to wait till she gives birth to learn the gender of the baby!! Could you handle waiting that long??

In a time where we can find out anything with just a click of a button and less than a nano second, it’s refreshing to hear that future first time parents are waiting for the last day for the big reveal! Would you be able to handle that?



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