Topanga State Park Maternity Photos | Rosy

July 27, 2018

Topanga State Park Maternity Photos | Rosy

I am based in San Diego, California so technically I am a San Diego photographer, but I do LOVE to travel! Near or far! So of course I was excited when a client of mine wanted me to come up to Los Angeles and shoot her maternity photos at Topanga State Park! I also love nature, so double win!

It was my first time visiting Topanga State Park. I got there an hour early because I wasn’t gonna mess around with LA Traffic; plus I like to nerd out and scout locations before shoots. I usually do it a week or 2 in advance but since this was a destination shoot, I decided to do it an hour earlier than the shoot. Since we were only shooting at that one location I figured one hour was enough. Sometimes people like to do multiple locations during a session.

There were a lot of trees, but the sun was still powering through them! The sun was going down quickly but I was still able to get that magic hour goodness. Playing with the sunlight and how quickly it was getting dark allowed me to create some super moody maternity photos. Call me emo, but I love nothing more than adding some mood and art into my photography. Experiment with different angles.

My client was unsure of what to wear to the shoot as this was her first pregnancy and thus maternity shoot. As I tell all my clients, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident because that is what will show in the photos. She brought an outfit, but I also told her I would bring her a white lace maxi dress too just in case. I had used this dress for a fun fashion shoot. Since it has buttons on the front, I realized it’s an ideal dress to lend to clients to wear during their maternity photoshoot as you can open and let the belly show. Belly exposure is always optional 😉

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