Roxbury Park, Beverly Hills Family + Maternity Photos | Rosy

July 31, 2018

Roxbury Park, Beverly Hills Family + Maternity Photos | Rosy

What comes to mind when you think of family photos? Do you think of stiff poses… awkward smiles… confusion? I NEVER want my clients to think of those things when they are getting ready to take family photos. I want my clients to think of fun, natural, feels right feelings!! Because that is what family photos are all about, capturing the fun and emotion of your family. I got to have lots of fun with this maternity/family photos at Roxbury Park Playground in Beverly Hills, California.

See a familiar face there? I recently did a post on her maternity photos. Fast Forward 2 years and now I am shooting her second maternity photo shoot! I loveeee having repeat clients. Makes me feel like a part of their family and I get to see them go through all of their life stages!

After her first baby was born, I was flown out to where they live to shoot the baby and her family back home! WHAT AN HONOR!! I have literally been her daughter’s personal photographer since she was in the womb!! That is pretty cool!!

Now I am going to offer a photo tip, a family photo tip: Put kids in their environment!! Whether it’s at home in their room with their toys, in a playground or wherever is their “happy place” that is where they will, well, be happy!! Happy kid = smiling photos!

No crying toddler here… just pure fun + joy! These are the moments I want to capture in. your family photos! I want you and your family to feel in your element so that when you look back at the photos it has meaning to you! You can remember your favorite park, your favorite slide, your favorite swing. That time your mom went on the slide with you!

I think it’s because I would always, well still do, look back at my old family photo albums and reminisce about all those playground times I had as a kid. The golden years 😉 Family photos shouldn’t be a scary or a burden, it’s all about having a good time. What do you think? Cause we owe it to our families to capture these moments so we can cherish them forever! Think of it as a thank you to the woman who birth you and your kids will pay it forward to you. 🙂

FAMILY photos: Roxbury Park Playground, Beverly Hills

Being a mom, you really are superwoman! You are always on alert 24/7 making sure your little ones are safe + sound. Dads too!! So don’t be shy or scared, let’s bring the fun back to family photo shoots!!

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