Los Angeles Family Photos | Rosy + Jack

October 19, 2018

Los Angeles Family Photos | Rosy + Jack

The 2018 holiday season is in full effect and with that comes San Diego Family photo sessions as well as Los Angeles family photos! What’s great about living in Southern California is the ability to photoshoot clients all over southern California. Today’s family photos: Los Angeles private residence.

FAMILY photos: Los Angeles private residence

As I have mentioned before, it’s such an honor when your clients keep hiring you to do their family portraits. It makes me feel like a part of their family and it’s great to see how the family grows, in age and in size! I have shot this family since the wife’s first pregnancy! Now they have 2 girls! With the prettiest blue eyes ever!

It’s fun to shoot at the family’s home as you can feel the comfort level and it’s great for entertaining the young ones as you don’t have to pack all their toys when you do a location family photoshoot. Not saying it’s all gravy now, still challenging to get the kids to settle down, but it does help 😉

Another perk about shooting family portraits at the home is that you can visits from other family members. In this shoot, we had grandma! The resemblance is striking! Especially with those curls!

The light was really nice during the shoot. We shot in the balcony and inside the living room. The home had lots of windows that welcomed lots of natural light coming in on the edge of the living which allowed me to edit the photos in a moody way. The balcony was a great way to distract the little one. Family photo tip: Tell toddlers stories and they will focus on whatever you are pointing at, which helps you focus on them and get the candid shots we all love!

Can’t wait for next year’s family portraits with this family!

FAMILY photos: Los Angeles private residence

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