Downtown San Diego Portrait Photos | Kevin

February 2, 2021

Downtown San Diego Portrait Photos | Kevin

A a San Diego photographer, it’s important to have great camera equipment. I recently purchased the CANON 85mm prime lens, f/ 1.4, and tested it out on a friend of mine in downtown San Diego. It was fun to do a spontaneous downtown San Diego Portrait Photos | Kevin and I cruised around to scout new locations to shoot at in the future. I had wanted this lens for a long time and finally I added it to my lens family!

It was overcast that day which allowed me to really test the lens. I was playing around, setting the lens on the largest aperture. I really wanted to push it to see how sharp it could be. The lens really is exquisite!! I know I would love it! For low light scenarios, it works wonders!

Black and white photography works so nicely when shooting portraits. When you strip the photograph of color, you really get to see the rawness of your subject. I found myself editing a lot of Kevin’s portraits in black and white.

When shooting portraits, I find conversing with your subject helps to put them at ease. There will be many times when you will have portrait shoots with someone who has never been in front of the camera. Offering guidance and direction will facilitate the connection between you and your subject. That allows you to get closer to the subject as he, or she, opens up to you.

We shot around downtown San Diego, near the convention center. I love shooting at those stairs! Since Kevin was wearing darker colors it made for a nice contrast. It’s also fun to run up them and feel like Rocky Balboa. Since it was a gloomy day there were not that many people there. So it was easy to get solo shots.



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