FAMILY Photos: San Diego Home Session

January 10, 2020

FAMILY Photos: San Diego Home Session

Being a San Diego family and baby photographer is so rewarding. Especially with first time parents, you get to see their excitement, worry, excitement and even more excitement with every new thing their baby does! In these family photos: San Diego home session, I had the privilege of shooting an old friend of mine and his beautiful family! I had shot their maternity session last year so it was exciting to see the next step in their lives!

I helped them pick out their outfits. Something I am always happy to assist with. This was a morning shoot, as I always find that babies prefer morning shoots. He had just woken up from a nap so the baby was very refreshed and ready for his close up! We tried to casually match the colors of the parents outfits with the baby’s outfit as well. As we were shooting outside with the wooden staircase I wanted to keep the colors neutral.

My childhood friend is just sooo completely and utterly in love with his son. It’s so incredible to watch. Especially when you see your childhood friends having children. Time really does fly by! Baby Hayes is just all laughs and smiles. His parents take such good care of him and are so relaxed in their approach. They don’t stress or sweat the small stuff. They even took Hayes to the beach in the first couple weeks he was born! So impressive!

There are so many different types of parenting approaches. I am lucky enough to witness all the varieties being a family photographer and a baby photographer. There is no right way, there is only a right way for your family. I love being exposed to such different methods because then I can see how all different techniques yield the same result, a happy and love baby!



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