Swami’s Beach Family Photos | Dreher

January 11, 2021

Swami’s Beach Family Photos | Dreher

As a San Diego Family photographer, November and December can get pretty busy for fall family portraits! Luckily since our weather is pretty great, shoots can be scheduled anytime! Many families opt for family beach photos as their fall family portraits. There are so many beaches to choose from. This Swami’s Family Photos | Dreher, I cruised up the coast to Solana Beach and Encinitas.

The holidays bring families together and although this holiday season was a bit different, families still took precaution and proper safety measures to be able to get together. The pandemic has definitely made many realize how important it is to have your friends and family.

I love shooting sunset portrait sessions at low tide! It exposes you to a whole underwater world! There is so much texture to add to the composition of the photo. Also it’s easier for your clients to walk along the water and sand as they don’t have to worry too much about getting wet.

When shooting family portraits, I always like to warm up my clients with your basic posed group shot. This way they get the photo jitters out. Then as the session progresses you can start to capture more of the candid moments. Always remind them to be present in what is happening and to forget you are there. Have them observe the terrain, talk amongst themselves. The best tip is just to make them laugh!

Also, it’s always fun to focus just on the parents or the grandparents and do couples photos. It has probably been a long, long time since they last had their photo taken professionally and it will remind them of their wedding day and back when they were dating. It’s super fun to get them into that mindset! It will definitely bring a smile to their face!!



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