Desert Garden Balboa Park Family Photos | R + R

December 22, 2021

Desert Garden Balboa Park Family Photos | R + R

As a San Diego family photographer, Balboa Park is one of our playgrounds! There are so many places to choose from and each have their own unique look. In these Desert Garden Balboa Park Family Photos | R + R decided to have their fall family photos at the Desert Garden next to Balboa Park. Last year we shot them inside of Balboa Park and had more tree climbing and park. In the last session child number three was on its way and now I got to meet him!

I highly recommend booking your sessions here during the week. It is a pretty popular place, especially during sunset. If you angle your camera right, and are patient, you can certainly have shots without others in the frame. The great thing about this location is its consistency. If your clients are looking for green in their photos, then you can always count on the Desert Garden. Make sure you give them the right address as there is another cactus garden at Balboa Park.

Sunset is a little bit earlier than the stated sunset at Desert Garden. The sun dips behind the building so make sure to calculate that into your session start time. Especially when you want to capture the sunlight and sun flares through the trees. Of course there is always blue hour, which I am a huge fan of! When you catch that sunlight bouncing off the cacti, it will get you all sorts of excited!

I wouldn’t recommend this location with kiddos who like to run around. There are some areas with sharp cacti and you wouldn’t want to risk someone getting hurt. Safety is always first. There are plenty of green areas inside of Balboa Park, so I would always double check with your clients what they feel is better for their family.



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