Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Tiffany + Bryant

July 22, 2021

Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Tiffany + Bryant

As a San Diego wedding photographer, it’s such a privilege to continue on your couples journey through life photographically! When they reach out for their maternity and family photos, you get excited to reunite with them as they go through this next chapter in their life! Of course I was excited for this Scripps Beach Maternity Photos | Tiffany + Bryant as I had shot their San Diego courthouse wedding a year ago. Here are the photos from their elopement session which took place at the San Diego County Administrator building and then we added an adventure element and went to Sunset Cliffs.

What a beautiful evening it was! Normally when I shoot at Scripps Beach, I stick to the beach. Lately though, if my clients are cool with it, I incorporate some of the nature aspects that surround the area. As I always mention, I like to offer my clients a variety of backdrops when they go through their session. I want them to feel they have a lot of options to choose from.

Speaking of choosing. I like to let my clients choose the photos they want me to edit. I used to edit all of them and then have them choose their allotted number. After a bit I realized that was not a very efficient use of my time. I had always done that because people had always said to never let your clients see your RAWs. Well you don’t always have to listen to the “norm”. Now I upload the RAWs, after I culling them, and let them choose. I find its fitting for both parties.

At the time of booking this session, I had checked the tide calendar. It had said high tide would be 2 hours before sunset. Going into this session I knew we would have to wait a bit before we could cross over through the north side. This was another reason why I started with the nature area, to wait out the tide. It all timed out perfectly and I got to capture them in so many different areas! It was their first time at this beach, so I was happy to they were so stoked!



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