San Diego Balboa Park Family Photos | R + J

April 27, 2023

San Diego Balboa Park Family Photos | R + J

As a San Diego family photographer, there are so many beautiful places to choose from for your backdrop! Whether it’s the beach, park, city, the city is your oyster! When choosing a location for a family portrait session, I always like to ask the ages of the kids. If they are very young and in that running around stage, I tend to stay away from locations with cliffs, like Sunset Cliffs. Parks are great locations for youngsters because you can use the baby stroller and it’s very kid friendly. In these San Diego Balboa Park Family Photos | R + J were visiting San Diego on vacation. With Balboa Park’s diversity, they were able to get a lot of different backdrops!

Mornings at Balboa Park are super peaceful. There are not that many people out and about. On this day especially, since it was overcast, the crowds were at a minimum. Even for it being a Sunday morning! When photographing families with young kids, the mornings seem to be more convenient and accommodating with their nap schedules. If they can stay awake for a sunset session though, I always love me a good sunset session too!

Weekdays are always ideal for booking sessions. However, don’t be discouraged with a weekend date. Just know your angles and wait patiently for a clearing. If you every find yourself in a great spot with perfect composition but there is someone standing behind. Never fear politely asking the person if they don’t mind moving over a few steps. They may say no, but they can also accommodate. You never know until you ask. So must up the courage and kindly ask if they can accommodate. It might save you lots of time on the back end in photoshop!



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