Balboa Park Family Photos | Fabiola + Juan Manuel

May 27, 2019

Balboa Park Family Photos | Fabiola + Juan Manuel

As a San Diego family photographer, I get the option of shooting at such beautiful locations such as the beach, forest, parks, etc. In today’s San Diego family photos: Balboa Park, the sun finally came out and we took full advantage of all the beautiful trees Balboa Park has to offer!

I was so smitten with Balboa Park‘s trees, and their branches! We shot on a Thursday evening, which definitely helped with the crowd control. I had given the family a tip to bring the children’s toys so they could be entertained in case their attention quickly drifted. Which of course happened and which of course is normal, they are kids. So just smile and be patient when shooting with young children.

Are you guys as mesmerziesd by these branches as I am? I forget all that Balboa Park has to offer! Whether it’s visiting museums, gardens or having your San Diego Wedding at the multiple wedding venues, Balboa Park will always have something for you!

Another reason I like for families to bring their kids’ toys, is that I love taking candid photos. So you don’t even have to tell kids they are getting their photo taken, just let them know you all are going to the park to have fun and play. I become the observer capturing the fun moments you and your kids get to have playing and enjoying each other’s company!

Sometimes parents don’t get to have alone time, so I like to take this opportunity, while the kids are busy playing with their toys, to have the parents take a couple portraits of just the two of them! Their wedding day might have been the last time they got a professional photo taken of them together! So always fun to remind them of their young love 🙂



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