La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Sydney + Dionisio

September 12, 2021

La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Sydney + Dionisio

As a La Jolla Engagement Photographer, I love shooting romantic sunset photo sessions at the beach. Southern California has so many beautiful beaches to offer. Some are a little more easy to access to others. I definitely factor that in when suggesting locations to clients. In this La Jolla Beach Engagement Photos | Sydney + Dionisio celebrated their engagement and also includes their children in the shoot to make it a joint family shoot. The kids had a great time as did the stunning couple!

The sunset lighting was just beautiful! Stunning thick light that would hug the couple and the kids! When booking this session, we made sure to book when the tide would be on the lower side. I cannot stress enough, how important it is to check the tide calendar when scheduling your sunset beach sessions. It is a game changer. It allows you to use all of your surroundings. Now that we are approaching fall and winter, low tides will be even lower!

I find myself continuing to push the capacity of my lenses with every sunset session. I don’t like using flash, for me the feeling is different. So I really put my lens to the test! In this shoot I actually used 3 lenses. I knew I wanted to start out with some shots on the cliffs that I have to stand in the other cliffs to get the view in the foreground. For those shots I used my CANON 70-200mm zoom lens.

Another thing I love about shooting sunsets is when there are some clouds. It helps to give a beautiful effect at sunset and after sunset when the clouds light up. Those cotton candy clouds as some people call them. I like to give them extra effect in post production. All around, a beautiful La Jolla beach engagement photoshoot!



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