La Jolla Scripps Beach Engagement Photos | M+N

December 20, 2021

La Jolla Scripps Beach Engagement Photos | M+N

As a San Diego engagement photographer, I think the most romantic place to have your engagement session is whatever place is special to the two of you! That may be a special beach, park, neighborhood, or even a special restaurant! In these La Jolla Scripps Beach Engagement Photos | M+N wanted a beach backdrop. With the current winter low tides, I immediately suggested Scripps Beach or Sunset Cliffs. Scripps Beach had more meaning and thus became the winning location. They wanted to book the session pretty soon, but I made sure to check the tide calendar to make sure we had an upcoming low tide at sunset, and indeed we did!

I cannot stress enough the importance of coordinating your shoots with the tides when photographing on the beach! It’s a game changer! The landscape and epic backdrops add so much texture to the photo. There is more story to tell, more adventure to add to the session! As you can see from the photos so far, it looks like you are in multiple places in one! I love locations with such diverse backdrops in the same area!

Having diverse backdrops that are in close proximity enriches your session! It offers more variety for your clients when they are going through their photos. It helps give them many options to choose from. Of course, always ask your clients what vision they have for their session. What they feel reflects them and makes sense for them as a couple. Then it’s your job, as a photographer, to execute as closely as you can to that vision. Some clients may very well hand over the entire vision to you and request suggestions. It’s always good to have in your pocket some go to locations so you are always prepared.



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