Scripps Beach Couples Portrait Photo Session | Kaley + Charles

August 26, 2021

Scripps Beach Couples Portrait Photo Session | Kaley + Charles

As a San Diego photographer, I think it is safe to say one of our favorite times to shoot is at sunset. Even more so when it’s low tide at the beach! It’s important to check the tide table chart when booking a beach session. You don’t want to get caught at high tide and not have much beach to work with. So naturally I was very excited for this Scripps Beach Couples Portrait Photo Session | Kaley + Charles were incredible to shoot! With it being low tide, we were able to shoot at the north side of Scripps Beach which has the beautiful tide pools and rocks.

Lately I have been shooting more couples portrait shoots. I wonder if it’s because couples are traveling again and they are tired of having only selfie photos of their trip. I think it’s a great idea to have a professional photo session done when vacationing! You not only get beautiful photos, but a great experience. You don’t need a special occasion like an engagement or wedding to have professional photos taken of you. As a La Jolla photographer, Scripps Beach is one of my favorite locations.

As a San Diego engagement and couples photographer, I love to offer feedback on outfits. You should always let your clients know that if they would like feedback on their outfits, to feel free to send you their outfits beforehand. For romantic beach photo sessions, I always encourage a dress. It helps create movement and serves also as a prop. Who doesn’t love a good twirl photo!?

Lately when shooting portraits, I have been shooting on my CANON 85mm prime lens and my 35mm lens. I always like to shoot with two cameras so I don’t miss an opportunity. It puts me at ease to know I am ready for anything. Make sure to stretch before shooting as it can be tiresome on your shoulders and back. I like to use my holdfast harness when shooting.



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