Mount Laguna Engagement Photos | Molly + Rudi

January 14, 2020

Mount Laguna Engagement Photos | Molly + Rudi

What a way to start the new year and new decade of 2020 than with a San Diego adventure engagement photo session! I am so excited to be shooting Molly + Rudi’s wedding and when we were discussing engagement sessions, we decided to venture outside of San Diego a bit to Mount Laguna. We were hoping there would be more snow, this past weekend, but we still had an amazing time!

Don’t let their outfits fool you, it was freezing, but they were troopers! We definitely took warm up breaks and had the car blasting heat for them. Molly’s beautiful red dress is from BCBG. You can never go wrong with a red dress! Whenever I get asked for wardrobe ideas or suggestions for engagement sessions I always recommend a red dress! I told Molly she reminded me of the red dress dancing woman emoji!

When I went to scout Mount Laguna a couple weeks earlier it was packed with people and full of snow. This day, we had the whole place to ourselves!! It was amazing!! I LOVE San Diego!! There is a restaurant there, a visiting center, bathrooms, so don’t worry there is civilization there. It’s a great place for a day tip! There are also cabins too.

We spent two hours shooting but we all felt like it was two minutes! We had so much fun!! There were so man different area to shoot at. We specifically went to horse heaven. It had the beautiful tall trees, that I was definitely aiming for in this adventure engagement session. This is something I definitely want to encourage more of my wedding clients to do. So far it’s been easy. Other places I want to do adventure engagement photoshoots is Julian, Joshua Tree, Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain and more! Happy to receive suggestions if you have any, feel free to comment on this post.

They had brought two outfits with them, but I just could not stop shooting Molly in that red dress! Eventually I stopped myself and finally let her change, but wow what a dress!! Especially when the sun rays would shine through! We were all take aback! The great thin about engagement portrait sessions is that Molly did her hair and makeup trial that morning. This way you are extra ready for your engagement session. Wedding Tip: Schedule your hair and makeup the morning of your engagement session. Make sure of course the times align. Feed two birds with one hand 🙂

I should this using my two Canon 5D Mark iii camera bodies using my 35mm Prime lens and my 70-200mm lens, both L series. Both strapped on using my Water Buffalo Black Moneymaker Holdfast harness. PSA: if you shoot with 2 cameras, you definitely need this harness! I would almost choke myself every time when I would just use the normal straps your camera comes with, it’s with the money to get the harness, your neck will thank you!

There was some snow as you can see 🙂 The sunset was beautiful as well!



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