La Jolla Cove Couple Photos | Lexi + Tumi

August 2, 2022

La Jolla Cove Couple Photos | Lexi + Tumi

As a La Jolla couples photographer, I love going to photograph at locations that I grew up in! It brings me such nostalgia and I love sharing these beautiful spots with my clients. In these La Jolla Cove couples photos | Lexi + Tumi explored the low tide that the cove has to offer! I usually photograph over towards Cuvier Park, but this time I started on the other side. I had a couple times before, but I would always worry about the crowds. Low tide was upon us and I took them on a little adventure!

This was a part of the cove less covered by tourists. It felt like we were the only ones at La Jolla cove! Until all of a sudden we saw a seal! Safety is always first so once we saw 2 come up ashore we left the area but we had plenty of time before then to capture memories! La Jolla cove is definitely worth exploring during low tide. There are so many reefs and tide pools to wander through!

It’s fun to have a change of clothes during a session. Especially if you are between two outfits! This way you can go casual in one and a little more fun and flirty in another or formal. Definitely share with your photographer the outfits you have in mind so they can give you feedback. If your session is as a couple, you want to make sure the outfits have a nice flow to them. The color palettes should make sense.

Make sure to help guide your couples with posing. The posing must feel natural and comfortable or it will show in their faces. Once they get into the zone, you will be able to capture more candid photos. Feel free to chat with them during the session, make them laugh. Make them feel like they are exploring the area with you.



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