La Jolla Beach Maternity Photos | S + D

April 14, 2023

La Jolla Beach Maternity Photos | S + D

As a La Jolla maternity photographer, the beach is a popular location for many pregnancy shoots. The beach is a beautiful backdrop, you can’t go wrong. When considering your location for any portrait session, it’s always a great idea to choose a place that has some meaning. It makes the session more special. You can get creative with your locations. Do you have a favorite diner, or bar? Is there a sport or activity that you or you as a couple love? So you can see how you can think outside the box with this. In these La Jolla Beach Maternity Photos | S + D chose two locations. The first was Scripps Beach as they really like the backdrops there. The second location was a beach they would frequent a lot, so it resonated a lot with them!

When getting ready for your maternity session, your outfit is one of the main focuses. It can be tough to decide between outfits. Whether you want to expose your baby bump or not. Whether you want a long maxi dress or short. Loose or tight dress. There are so many options! It can get overwhelming. The best way to manage it is to order what you like and then try them on! As simple as that. Make sure you order items that are returnable should they not work out.

Once your outfit is decided then you can focus on your partner’s outfit, (if you are doing your maternity session with your partner). Some women do their maternity sessions on your own, so know that that’s ok too. If you are having the session with your parter, then you want to make sure there is cohesiveness with your looks. Feel free to communicate it with your photographer. You can send your idea for the looks and ask for feedback on what he or she thinks.


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