La Jolla Cove Maternity Photos | L + B

December 2, 2021

La Jolla Cove Maternity Photos | L + B

As a La Jolla maternity photographer, I love bringing clients to locations where I would frequent when I was little. La Jolla Cove brings back so many memories as a child! I don’t shoot there that often, but I had just come from shooting a wedding at La Valencia the week prior that it was top of mind. This La Jolla Cove Maternity Photos | L + B session finished within minutes of a thunderstorm with lighting! It was magical!

La Jolla Cove has so many photo opportunities! You can have the palm trees, green grass, the Dr. Seuss looking trees and the water with the cliffs and rocks!! I definitely want to start using this location more often. La Jolla Cove usually has a lot of people, but you can find pockets where there are less tourists. Especially when it’s low tourism season.

When confirming a maternity session, there are tips you can mention to your clients. You can let them know that if they would like props, such a chalkboard with baby name on it, baby shoes or baby clothes. It’s definitely not required, but I think it’s great to inform clients of all the possibilities. Definitely bring a lint roller, it definitely saves you time in editing when you don’t have to edit all the lint out. Little things like this go a long way!

Another good thing to ask your client, especially a maternity one, is what their comfort level is to walk on sand and climb up on rocks/cliffs. You want to make sure they are comfortable during their session. Always let them know that they can always say no to any suggestion you have for a photo spot. You may have the camera, but they always call the shots!


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