La Jolla Family + Maternity Photos | Cuvier Park | Allie + Dante

September 9, 2021

La Jolla Family + Maternity Photos | Cuvier Park | Allie + Dante

As a La Jolla Family photographer, I love showing off the beautiful coastlines to out of town clients. La Jolla Cove has so many nooks all along the coastline you can’t get a bad photo. In this La Jolla Family + Maternity Photos | Cuvier Park | Allie + Dante had absolute beautiful weather and an impeccable wardrobe! I had forgotten how good all white monochromatic outfits look! Allie wore a sheer white maternity dress that exposed her pregnant bump perfectly! I absolutely loved the fluidity of the dress. It was noticeably windy that day, and it worked in our favor!

On this shoot I shot with my CANON 35mm prime lens and my 85mm prime lens. I always like to have two bodies strapped on my harness. Some may think it’s excessive but I never want to miss a shot. Having both lenses gives me the comfort of knowing I am ready for any shot. When I shoot headshots or influencers I normally keep to one lens, but when I want to switch quickly I prefer to just have two cameras on me. My holdfast harness helps keep them balanced on my body.

For a pregnancy photoshoot, many clients ask when a good time to schedule the shoot is. I think starting with 7 months onwards, is free game. Everyone’s body is different and will show sooner or later than others. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident. Depending on where you are shooting, you always want your client to be able to access the locations at east. You don’t want them trekking long walks to get to spots, so definitely take that into account when choosing your location.

This shoot was on Labor Day weekend and it was packed on the beach. Luckily I found this nook to work with that make it look like there was no one on the beach. There was one girl playing by the rocks and I kindly asked her parents if they wouldn’t mind she not play there for 5 min while I shot. They are nice enough to comply. Don’t be shy to ask people if they could move over or pause their play for a few minutes. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Most importantly if helps you when editing!!

As a San Diego maternity photographer, it is helpful for you to guide your clients with posing. Little things like pointing a toe, turning to a certain angle and tilting their heads goes a long way. Feel free to have them try different angles and poses till you notice which one works for them. Slight little movements allows you to see what their optimal pose will be. I always like it when my clients tilt their heads towards me. It creates better angles.



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