Vista Newborn Photos | Sarah + Kyle

January 10, 2021

Vista Newborn Photos | Sarah + Kyle

The new year is bringing lots of newborn shoots! As a San Diego newborn photographer, it’s important to be flexible. With newborns comes new changes, especially for first time parents. They are trying to figure out how to take care of a little human, baby sleeping schedules, their sleep schedules and also some of the surprises babies get like baby acne! Sometimes it’s a good idea to have 2 dates set aside as I did with this Vista newborn photos| Sarah + Kyle session.

As I had mentioned in previous newborn posts, a newborn session can be booked within in days or a week from birth or within a month. There are no rules, at least not for me. I want to make sure the parents are comfortable and rested on the shoot, so whenever they feel they are ready is when it should be scheduled.

As a natural light photographer, I like to shoot newborns with natural light and avoid flashes. So I like to shoot these indoor near a window or also outside. When shooting outside be aware of the weather conditions to make sure the baby or babies are comfortable and warm!

It’s also fun to involve the grandparents in the newborn shoot. They become very helpful and important when raising the baby! In this case, the grandma lives down the street and is a huge asset to the family!

We got so lucky that Porter opened his eyes for us! You never know with newborns what you are going to get, so we were all really happy to catch a small glimpse of those baby blues! I also like to focus on little moments like holding the baby’s hand or foot. I melt when babies wrap their hand around their parent’s finger. It’s so sweet!!



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