Felicita County Park Family Photos | Simpson

February 6, 2022

Felicita County Park Family Photos | Simpson

As a San Diego Family photographer, there are so many beautiful parks to choose from. Each has it’s own flare and charm. Felicita park is a great place for family photos. The fall foliage is stunning! That usually happens in late Oct/ Nov and perhaps early December. In this Felicita County Park Family Photos | Simpson family had their session in December. There was still some fall foliage but not as heavy as thought. Nonetheless, there was still beautiful greenery and boulder rocks. Last year we had their family session at Los Peñasquitos Ranch House.

When shooting families with young kids, it’s good to ask the families what time of the day is best for the kiddos. Usually young kids do better in the morning. Early morning shoots are great at parks, because the trees help diffuse the light. So sometimes you can start later than you usually would if you were shooting in the morning at the beach.

To get more of the sun filled light, you can add light leaks to your photos. This happens during post production when you are editing them. I find sometimes, in morning shoots, the colors are a little on the blue hue side, this way you can warmth to the photos.

For this session, I had the same goal in mind. Find fun things for the kids to do. Kids love to climb on things, so I made sure to take them over to the area of the park where there are lots of boulders. This way they entertain themselves and you can capture candids.

I always like to mix up the shots with posed and candids. You want to make sure you get that portrait of everyone looking at you. Then it’s great to add those memorable happy moments with candids too. A mix I think is always a great idea! Also, ask your clients if they want to throw a headshot in there too.



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